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As of 3DCrafter 9, most tutorials are available via 3DCrafter' Properties and Information panel.

The tutorials for 3DCrafter 9 are available within 3DCrafter itself by clicking :

and then clicking on the Tutorials tab:

Additional tutorials that have not yet been entirely updated for 3DCrafter 9 are also available.

Microsoft Train Simulator Tutorials



User-Created Tutorials - General









User-Created Tutorials - Microsoft Train Simulator

These tutorials were written prior to the introduction of 3DCrafter' Train Simulator Wizard. Most of the information provided is still of value, but many of the tasks required to move models to Train Simulator are now automated by the Train Simulator Wizard.


3DCrafter Documentation

Table of Contents

If you have a 3DCrafter tutorial or would like to write a tutorial let us know and we'll link to it here.

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